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Winter car heating cushion

Winter car heating cushion

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[product name]: heating cushion

[product packaging]: OPP bag

[product model]: N1811

[product color]: warm rice, classical coffee, business black

[product size]: 125cm*52cm


1. Three minutes of rapid heating, intelligent temperature control, automatic temperature control switch, safe and reliable.
2. The heating element is filtered, and then dissipated with heat and hot water through a double-layered jacket, which is comfortable, soft and healthy.
3. The spiral alloy heating wire around the refractory wire drawing has strong tensile and anti-torsional properties, which can prevent short circuit and prolong the service life of the chain.
4. The non-slip surface layer at the bottom of the pillow is not easy to fall off and move.

Winter hot sale Flame retardant diamond velvet electric heating cushion High-grade universal single seat cushion 125cm*52cm car heating cushion
[product name]: heating cushion
[product size]: 125cm*52cm
[Material]: Flame retardant diamond velvet

A: Mysterious Black A (8 blowers + massage + heating)
B: Reddish brown A (8 blowers + massage + heating)
C: Yellow-brown A (8 blowers + massage + heating)
D: Ruyami A (8 blowers + massage + heating)
E: Mysterious Black B (with head) heating massage hair
F: Reddish brown B (with head) heating massage hair
G: Yellow-brown B (with header)
H: Ruyami B (with a riser) heating massage hair

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